The Youconf 2015

The YouConf 2015 is an international Youth Conference, which dares a glance into the future on the occasion of the 300th City Birthday of Karlsruhe.
The ‚Stadtjugendausschuss e.V. Karlsruhe’ (stja) has invited 10 persons (youngsters and companions) from the twin towns Nancy, Nottingham, Halle, Krasnodar and Timisoara to this youth encounter.

Karlsruhe 2.0 – Relaunch of a City

300 years ago Karlsruhe was developed on the drawing board adapted to the visions of the architects and the needs of the people who were going to live in. Today we ask ourselves: How does our optimal city Karlsruhe look like in 2051? What has to be maintained, what has to be changed? How do we travel, learn and work? What kind of clothes do we wear? Where are still places of encounter?
Youngsters from Karlsruhe and the twin towns Nancy, Krasnodar, Nottingham and Timisoara are presenting and discussing their ideas and their wishes of modification as a video clip, as a rough drawing or a text contribution via the Ypart – ground.
The workshop and supporting program of the mutual YouConf2015 week in Karlsruhe is developed out of their impulses.
Their results are presented in different places and events, among other things in Karlsruhe at the KA300 – pavilion, at the science festival EFFECTS, at the local “Karlsruher Jugendkonferenz” and in the twin towns of the partner groups.

Feel free – It’s yours

We are thinking the future! We are designing the future! We are the future!
Be keen on our results – and after that: listen to what we have to say!


Current News


Preparation meeting with the representatives of the twin towns
27th to 30th of March 2015

Youth encounter YouConf 2015
29th of May to 7th of June 2015

Kick-Off in the KA300 shop

With a joint strike on the buzzer in the KA300 shop, the YouConf 2015 team has vitually taken the youth groups from the twin towns of Karlsruhe on board.

With kind support and promotion by
the main office of the city of Karlsruhe
Erasmus+ – program of the European Union



YouConf2015 – project team Karlsruhe

Jack Herbst – project management, contact person for the twin towns
+49 721 1336514 /
Sarah Tzitzikos –organization
+049 177 8297056 /
Christian Gotzmann – online communication
Barbara Ebert – online communication
+049 721 133 5614 /
Timo Beran – organization, participants support
+049 721 830 2216 /


Germany Stadtjugendausschuss e.V. Karlsruhe
France Ville de Nancy
Russian Federation Youith commitee of the City of Krasnodar
United Kingdom Nottingham City Council
Romania Municipal Government of the City of Timisoara
Germany City of Halle / Saale

Cooperation partner

from the stja: action and circus office Otto D., *Jubez, *Westside paradise

How do you imagine Karlsruhe in the year 2015? street interviews – YouTube clip



You have question or ideas?
Then contact us via telefon or email.
We enjoy being there for you.

Project management
Jack Herbst
+49 721 1336514

Sarah Tzitzikos
+49 177 8296289